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Medite Exterior Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

MEDITE EXTERIOR is an MDF panel developed specifically for use in a wide range of external applications in accordance with MDF-H2 as defined in EN 622 part 5 and gives all the design freedom of interior MDF.


All wood and wood-based products react to moisture and Medite Exterior is no exception. Wood cells expand and shrink slightly in width and length as they absorb or lose moisture. This phenomenon is not fully reversible, as relieved stresses do not completely recover. Moisture changes in wood may arise from sustained changes in relative humidity, immersion or lodgement of water, any or all of which lead to absorption by capillary action. If the moisture change is not uniformly distributed in the wood, relatively strong stresses can develop which will affect the wood’s physical properties. For example, these stress imbalances can twist construction lumber and warp panel products such as plywood and Medite Exterior.

The specially formulated polyurethane resin, together with the patented manufacturing process used in the production of Medite Exterior, increases the physical properties of MDF to create a premium composite panel for demanding conditions. Medite Exterior has undergone accelerated weathering tests as per British Standard 3900 F3.


If you are to cut the MDF or Ply yourself, we would always recommend a competent person cuts the panel and the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should always be worn. There harmful fibres are known to cause health issues so goggles, dust mask, ear defenders and gloves should be worn. We would recommend a respirator with a P2 Filter rating should be considered compared to a disposable dust mask. It is also recommended that any cutting is undertaken in a well-ventilated area.

Please be sure to refer to Medite technical sheets for full specification and the correct procedures of using this material.

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