44mm Half Hour Door Blank 6mm MDF Face

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44mm Flamebreak 6mm MDF Face FF630 Half Hour Multicore Door Blank.

Enter your Width and Height measurements above and we can cut your 44mm Flamebreak 6mm MDF Face FF630 Half Hour Multicore Door Blank to size, Our minimum cutting size is Width 20mm and Length 50mm and there is a minimum area charge of 0.5m2. The maximum size will be dependant on the 44mm Flamebreak 6mm MDF Face FF630 Half Hour Multicore Door Blank sheet size. Our online MDF cutting order form has been made to have the maximum sizes specified so there is no risk of you ordering a size that is not achievable.

If your looking to buy a full sheet of 44mm Flamebreak 6mm MDF Face FF630 Half Hour Multicore Door Blank please go to our MDF Full Boards page which can be found in the Menu.

Our minimum lead times are:
MDF Cut To Size: 5-10 Working Days.
MDF Spray Finishing: 10-15 Working Days.

Fire Certification
Flamebreak door blanks have been successfully tested and certified to the requirements of British Standard BS 476 part 22 and European Standard BSEN 1634.

Acoustic Sound Attenuation
Flamebreak door blanks have Acoustic sound attenuation test evidence by reference to Building Regulations Document E and have been tested with leading Acoustic door seals to offer sound attenuation values as high as 36dB.

Flamebreak door blanks have successfully passed the requirements for ‘Severe Duty Rating’ within DD171 and BSEN 1192 and the performance criteria set out in:

BA:PAS 23-1 : 1999 General Performance requirements for door assemblies.
BA: PAS 24-1: 1999 Enhanced security performance requirements for door assemblies.

U-Values – Thermal Conductivity
Flamebreak door blanks have achieved U-Value Thermal Conductivity certification – BSEN 10077-2:2003 by reference to Building Regulations Document L.

Environmental Certification
Flamebreak door blanks are manufactured from well managed raw materials that are harvested from forests that are managed to provide for reforestation under either the control of an ISO 14001 environmental management system or FSC®
(Forest Stewardship Council®) Certification.

Other Certification
The manufacture of Flamebreak door blanks is certified within the BM TRADA Q-Mark audit scheme – Accreditation scheme to prove the manufacturing compliance of a product.

Flamebreak door blanks are also a recognised component for use within the BWF Certifire scheme.

Flamebreak are manufactured within the guidelines of ISO9001 management certification.

For further information including test reports, additional certification, technical specifications and installation support, please contact your local Latham depot or visit www.flamebreaktechnical.com.

If you are to cut the MDF or Ply yourself, we would always recommend a competent person cuts the panel and the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should always be worn. There harmful fibres are known to cause health issues so goggles, dust mask, ear defenders and gloves should be worn. We would recommend a respirator with a P2 Filter rating should be considered compared to a disposable dust mask. It is also recommended that any cutting is undertaken in a well-ventilated area.

Please be sure to refer to Flamebreak technical sheets for full specification and the correct procedures of using this material.

Additional information

Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 2440 × 1220 × 44 mm
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