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MDF Panel Priming and Finishing

MDF panels that require Priming or Finish Spraying are sprayed in our spray booth which is a pressure-controlled closed environment tested every year to ensure our spray booth conforms to the Local Exhaust Ventilation health and safety regulation. To ensure we get the ideal working conditions we have fitted our spray booth with a heater to ensure the heat within the booth is to the recommended temperature that is advised by our paint suppliers.

In our spray booth we use polyurethane paint for all internal MDF, polyurethane paint is used for both priming and top coating. Polyurethane is a great protective coating for painted furniture. After it cures, it’s leaves a very hard-wearing finish. Polyurethane is also more moisture resistant and can be used on vertical surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms and other areas of humidity. High gloss finishes are also easier to achieve with polyurethane.

Exterior MDF

For Exterior MDF we use Sikkens water-based paint, primers are the link between the coating and wood surfaces, their composition influences decisive characteristics of the coating system such as bonding. Sikkens use modern technology based on bonding dispersions in water-thinnable products, resulting in a high penetration capability with deep and permanent anchorage cell structure of the wood. Sikkens RUBBOL® is used for top coating, the product range gives wooden windows and doors significantly greater durability and protection, while providing a great finish and aesthetics. Rubbol® is the brand for the Opaque or Solid Color coatings. This product line dates back to the 1930’s when Sikkens innovative research and development engineered Rubbol as one of the first flexible coatings for the European market. It is this name Rubbol which personifies the flexibility, breathability and durability of these product lines.

Quality and Experience

We have many years’ experience of spraying and over the years have used a vast selection of different paints and application methods, after many trials we now have the perfect preparation procedures and paint system which we are 100% satisfied with and gives us confidence that every project we finish spray will have the highest level of finish.

The start of the spraying process starts with preparation, before any items enter the spray booth the MDF materials are carefully sanded, an orbital sander is used for edge work and our latest in technology SCM wide belt sander is used for the faces of the MDF which allows us to calibrate and finish sand components in one pass, a good reason to calibrate MDF is to ensure the MDF is perfectly flat eliminating any surface imperfections.

MDF Board Spraying

Next the MDF will go in the Spray booth and receive a coat of primer, internal MDF panels having a pigment finish have a coat of High Build White Primer and clear finishes have a coat of High Build Clear Sealer. Exterior MDF is primed using Sikkens water-based primer.

Once coated with primer, both the internal and external MDF panels are left to cure before the MDF panel is then sanded with a very fine grit sand paper ready for its top coat. Internal MDF for a color finish has Polyurethane Pigmented Topcoat applied and clear finish have Polyurethane High Build Clear Top Coat. Both top coats are a High Build Topcoat and we use a special activator to give the Topcoat a Non-Yellow and Scratch Resistant Properties. For external MDF we use Sikkens RUBBOL®.

Once the MDF has been finished sprayed and the painted MDF panel has dried in our drying room we then carefully inspect the MDF panel for any imperfections, if none are found the MDF panel is then taken out of the spray booth and wrapped with foam and cardboard ready for transporting.